FragranceFragrance, defined as a pleasant or sweet smell, is a very important ingredient. While colors are cool, and the fizzing is pretty awesome, the smell the bath bomb leaves behind in the water and on you is what keeps people coming back. There are really 2 sources for the fragrance, so let’s look at both.

Fragrance oil is the most common used ingredients to make things smell good, in this case bath bombs. There are plenty of fragrance suppliers out there. But, I will say, not all fragrances are created equal. Some manufacturers and online retailers will cut their fragrance oil to make their cost cheaper. It is pretty easy to do, and they do it with a chemical called DPG. So, while the cost of the bottle may be cheaper, there might be a reason for it.

Now, fragrance oil is not a natural ingredient. It is synthetic. But, using fragrance oil gives you many more options for fragrance than using an all natural fragrance such as pure essential oil. I am sure no one has heard of a “Birthday Cake” plant which produces essential oils. Nope. So, the choice will be up to you.

The other option, which we mentioned above, is pure essential oil. These oils are all natural oils derived and processed from specific plants, leaves, stems, bark, etc. These oils are an excellent option if you are trying to make all natural, or even organic, bath bombs. You will be limited to the different fragrances you can provide, but people buying these normally are not looking for Birthday Cake smells.

Every bath bomb needs to have a smell to be remembered by. You can accomplish this by using either fragrance oils or pure essential oils. Both of them are easy to use, affordable, and make the bath bomb smell good. Just make sure you use a reputable company when you decide to buy your fragrance.