Colors for Making Bath BombsThe first chance impression you have with a bath bomb is usually with the coloring. It is what will catch someones’ attention first. There are 3 main types of coloring people use: Lakes, Mica’s, and Neon’s.  Depending on the types of bath bombs you are making, you will end up choosing a specific set of colorants. This will enhance the users experience even more. So, take time when picking out your coloring.

First, let’s look at theLake colors for bath bombs. These are probably my most favorite of the 3. They dissolve completely in the water, even without the Polysorbate 80. They are cost effective, and easily mix and combine to make other colors. Which, you will need to do, since they are only 4 lake colors:

  1. Blue
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. Orange

But, by blending certain colors in specific ratios, you can get some really cool colors. Try different combinations and see what you get. I would absolutely write down what you are mixing and what your goal is for the color. Then adjust from there. The only downside to lake colors is they fade. They are not lightfast, which means if they sit out in UV lighting in shops  and other places they will fade over time. But, when blended with the other types, which do not fade, they have an awesome effect.

Next, there are micas. These are all natural colorants you can use. If you choose to not use Polysorbate 80, I can guarantee these will stain your tub. There are many different colors to choose from, and they do not fade in UV light. So, a mix of this colorant with a lake color will give you some staying power in terms of color and good absorption into the water.

Last, there are the neons. These are lakes and micas with Polyester-3. I would not call these all natural. But they are awesome. They can be extremely bright, colorful, and sure to catch the attention of anyone walking by. These will also stain the tubs without use of a surfactant such as Polysorbate 80, but not as bad as the micas. I would personally recommend you get a sample set of neons and try them out.

Color is very important in your bath bombs. The color should match the scent and the name as well. This allows the senses to all agree. Between the 3 types of colorants, your bath bombs are sure to be very colorful and eye catching.