If lashes could talk, what would they tell us? I’m sure they’d tell us to love ourselves more. To stop and indulge in whatever nourishes not just our skin and hair, but our minds, too. Swipe right on long, lazy, laid-back days. Swipe left on over-scheduled lives. If lashes could talk, they’d want us to take time to recharge and feed our souls. To turn chaos into unhurried moments of total relaxation and self-care that help us unwind fully and without reservation.

What is #ASMR, anyway? ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it’s a pleasurable tingling sensation that’s triggered in some people by unique stimuli like soft, gentle speech, tapping or crinkling sounds, and personal attention. A range of YouTube videos exist to trigger this sensation in viewers, while others enjoy them to wind down.

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