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“I’m grateful that I have the hair that I have because it’s thick, luscious, beautiful.” —Orion

From award-winning director Alicia K. Harris comes this short, intimate look at the lives of three individuals as they share their own natural hair journeys.

Lush presents Naturally to highlight the often complex and varying relationships we have with our natural hair both internally and out in the world. Harris brings these stories to life as folks highlight where they’ve come from, where they are and where they hope their journeys take them … and how to find empowerment along their paths that help them to empower others.

Lush’s Black Haircare Specialist, Sarah Sango has helped develop products designed specifically for textured hair. The range, featured in Naturally, includes six vegan products inspired by Sarah’s family hair recipes.

Meet the director Alicia K. Harris: https://aliciakharris.com/

Meet Sarah Sango: https://bit.ly/39hEZfd


Super Milk Conditioning Hair Primer

Renee’s Shea Souffle Hair & Scalp Oil

Curl Power

Avocado Co-wash

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