2020 Broth Bomb is a fizzy seasoning mix shaped like a bath bomb that is added to chili and soups. The idea for a fun, all-in-one seasoning mix company was inspired by all those expensive unused seasonings sitting in pantries going expired. Broth Bombs, which come in 8 flavors, are made from herbs/spices, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and salt. 

Once placed into soups and chilies there is a fizzy explosion of flavor that seeps into the ingredients of one-pot dishes. The baking soda interacts with not just the citric acid but also with the beans or lentils. This softens them and helps with texture and may improve absorption. The citric acid assists in taste and digestion, like cooking with vinegar.  

Each one makes 16 restaurant-sized bowls of soup, stew, chili, or curry. That’s about 5-6 hearty dinner portions. Goes well with bread or rice on the side. You can cut them with a knife and can make at least 2 quarts of stew with a half of a Broth Bomb. 

The mission in starting Broth Bomb is to help make a greener, healthier, more peaceful planet; one bowl of beans and veggies at a time.

Who is Behind Broth Bomb

Both Bomb founder and CEO Andrew Dundas Laurent has a background in economics and entrepreneurship. In his first entrepreneurial venture in the food industry, he brought “UberEats”-style delivery to Tampa Bay way back in 2007.  His industrious nature combined with a love of food and culture helped him to both grow his business and glean practical and creative solutions from the experience. 

After a devastating injury sustained while hiking the Bavarian Alps ultimately led to a stroke, he was forced to make drastic changes to his life. During this time doctors also discovered he had a problem with digestion and nutrient absorption. The traditional foods he had always enjoyed now contributed to his chronic pain. It was then that he dedicated himself to healing his body. Over time, with research and experimentation, he resolved most of his issues with a plant-based diet. Armed with a knowledge of cuisines and an obsession with nutrition, he became skilled at creating complex and comforting flavor profiles.

Where Are Broth Bombs Available?

Broth Bombs are currently available for purchase on the broth bomb website, www.brothbombs.com and are expected to be available in major grocery retailers throughout the USA in 2021. They cost $7.99 each and can be purchased as a gift set for added value.

Praise for Broth Bomb:

“I cannot believe the amount of vegetables my hubby just ate… highly recommended! 

  • Courtney Michelle Ellison

“It was so easy and delicious! Way better than prepackages soup mixes!”

  • Patricia Shaw

“I don’t eat Tofu or vegan food but I thought these were excellent.” 

  • Dave Dundas (former bean hater)

“Lentils have never tasted so good! This is a game-changer.”

  • Dr. Alexandra Stratton

Source: vegworldmag.com

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