The author followed a budtender’s advice and cut a 100 mg bath bomb in half.

Winter may not start officially for a few more weeks, but it’s December. It’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s winter. Which means long nights and finding ways to stay warm. What better way than with a nice, hot bath? Well, a nice, hot bath with cannabis, of course.

Bath bombs, the fizzy, colorful and cooler cousin of bath salts, have been trendy in the self-care world for years now. It’s no surprise that these products, made to enhance the relaxing nature of a bath with soothing salts and essential oils, have come to embrace the relaxing effects of cannabis as well.

Products on the market come in three basic varieties: THC-only, CBD-only and ones with both. However, unlike other forms of cannabis, bath bombs and other kinds of topicals containing THC won’t result in a traditional high. These products are meant to ease muscle pain, relieve stress and induce feelings of relaxation.

They’re basically steroids for your bathing experience.

I’ve tried the hibiscus and mint varieties by Honu in recent weeks, and let me tell you, I’m as relaxed as ever. They’re like your garden variety bath bombs in that they’re moisturizing and they smell great, and in that regard they’re worth the $12 price point. But they’re a lot more than that.

Personally speaking, a normal bath is a relaxing experience. Adding a cannabis-infused bath bomb doesn’t lead to me being stoned, but it does lead to me being ready to go to bed. Throwing some THC into the bathwater has given me a body high the likes of which I’ve never experienced. They’ll lead to the most relaxed mindset you can imagine.

The body high is overwhelming — I cut my 100 mg bath bomb in half, as was recommended by a budtender, and I am thankful for that advice. You won’t get high from these products, but they will quite literally envelop your entire body. The body high is unlike anything you can achieve through smoking or eating. It’s not debilitating, and it’s not intoxicating, but it is strong. It made me ready to fall asleep like I’ve never felt before.

If it’s cold, and you’ve got nothing to do on a winter’s night, drop yourself in a bath with a cannabis bath bomb. ♦



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