Do Your Bath Bombs Fall Apart?

Making Bath BombsAs bath bomb makers, we have all run into a situation where our bath bombs fall apart. We all know the feeling when you realize the hard work you put in the day before is wasted. You keep them for yourself, and use the pieces, but it just is not the same. There really is one reason this is happening. There is not enough water in the mix. The following is a few ways to help prevent your bath bombs from falling apart. Continue reading “Do Your Bath Bombs Fall Apart?”

Best Bath Bomb Mold Material?

Molds for making bath bombsWhen getting started making bath bombs, we were trying to decide the best bath bomb mold material. What we found out is there are really 4 types of molds: silicone, plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum. We bought sets of all materials, tried them out, and now only use 2 of them. We will discuss the 4 materials and which one we believe is actually the best bath bomb mold material. Continue reading “Best Bath Bomb Mold Material?”